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Australian Test Team - 2nd Test - Eng. v Aust. Sydney Showground - Sat. January 3rd. 1959.
L to R: Lionel Levy- Peter Moore - Aub Lawson- Keith Gurtner - Bob Sharpe.
Australia won 44 to 16 - crowd 16,000.
Always immaculate, Arthur Trudgitt at Cumberland Oval.
Brin Dale at Cumberland Oval.
Carl Astill at Cumberland wearing his 'Casper The Friendly Ghost ' breast plate.
Maurice Clohessy and Reg Turner.
Lionel Levy- Brian Wells and Bruce Croxon.
Harold Harris at Westmead Speedway.
Harold Harris - Bob Levy ( 2nd from left) inspect a wrecked bike. ID others ?
Jack Eaves - Jack lost his life at Bathurst Sports Ground Speedway on 27.12.1954.  Jack was 'Best Man' at Phil Leth's wedding.
Johnny Hughes - Johnny went on to drive Speedcars.
Lionel 'Porky' Levy - Lionel lost his life at the Sydney Showground Speedway on 10.2.1968
Probably the shortest Speedway rider of the day - Midge Mellor stands on a box to kiss the girl.
Maurice Clohessy
Both Neil McDonald ( Left) and Phil Leth (Right) wore tartan over shirts.
Terry Hennesy at Cumberland Oval.
Getting into the later years -Mike Bast of the USA.
Mike Bast and Sonny Nutter.
Hugh Geddes and Maurice Clohessy.
Pete Smith and Barry Bonarius
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