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14.7.2018.......VintageSpeedway.....A page dedicated to a collection of BILL MEYER photos - access from Home page.

14.7.2018......Speedwaypics.....Three New Photo DVDs - Speedway Royale ( a 3 disc set) ....Ronnie Moore...Jack Young.

                     Complete Entry package for the Sid Middlemass tribute at Illabo - Aug.18th 2018 - click Illabo logo - Home page.

15.7.2018..... Speedwaypics.....New PHOTO DVD - Touring American Sprintcar Drivers & Their Cars - 185 + original quality photo.

20.7.2018..... VintageSpeedway ....NEW Backtrack Issue # 87 - Click on Backtrack Banner - lower Home page.

20.7.2018 .....BrianDarby.Info....Rare Book 'Bathurst The Cradle of Australian Motor Racing' for sale - offers considered.
                       go to Speedway & Motor Sport Books For Sale on Home Page.

26.7.2018..... Speedwaypics...A NEW PHOTO DVD- Australian Speedcar Racing ... Twin Disc set - 1934 to 2000s.

26.7.2018......Speedwaypics...A NEW PHOTO DVD - Robbie Farr - Australian Champion.

1.8.2018........Speedwaypics...A NEW PHOTO DVD - Brooke Tatnell - Australian Champion.

5.8.2018........Speedwaypics...A NEW PHOTO DVD ...Midgets at The Royale - photos by Des Lawrence.

22.8.2018......Vintage World - Photo coverage of the Sid Middlemass Tribute meeting at Illabo on August 18 2018
                         access off link on bottom of Vintage World Home Page. 

23.8.2018.....Vintagespeedway  - on Vintage Clubs Page - new office bearers for the VSA of NSW

28.8.2018.....Vintagespeedway - For Sale & Wanted - A very nice Replica Vintage midget - Brian Mannion # 88 Datsun

8.9.2018.......Vintagespeedway - Rare and Unique Stock Car photos from Bankstown Showground in 1957.

11.9.2018.....Vintagespeedway - A pair of restored South Australian vintage cars FOR SALE - a midget and a TQ /Compact
                     go to For Sale and Wanted page.

14.9.2018....Vintagespeedway - For Sale & Wanted - A  2 valve JAWA for sale.

24.9.2018.....Vintagespeedway - click on Rowley Park heading - a photo collection from Graham Longley.

24.9.2018.....Vintagespeedway - Allan Whitfield Roper - a true Aussie Speedway pioneer of the 1920s  - click 
                    on Allan's name ( in blue) on the Home page to enjoy some pure Aussie Speedway history.

31.10.2018...Vintagespeedway - For Sale & Wanted - two magnificent restorations for sale - a Classic Midget and a Super Modified
                     in Adelaide.

19.11.2018...Speedwaypics . New DVDs for sale.

29.11.2018...SpeedwayMemories - A page of unique Brian Darby photos For Sale - click on Page 33 on Speedway Memories Home Page.

17.12.2018...SpeedwayMemories - Bulk deals on Western Springs NZ Speedway programmes - click on Page 22 on SM Home page.

19.12.2018...Speedwaypics  - A new PHOTO / Video DVD - AUSSIE STOCK CARS - scroll down Speedwaypics Home Page.

26.1.2019.....Vintagespeedway - MollyMacPhee Candid Photo Collection - in pink heading on Home page.

9.2.2019.......Speedway Archives .. new photos of our Speedway pioneers.

9.2.2019.......VintageSpeedway - link to Speedway Archives now on Home page.

9.2.2019.......Speedwaypics - Garry Rush Video & Photo DVDs now For Sale

9.2.2019.......VintageSpeedway - Illabo Entry Forms and 2019 Events calendar on Home page click on the Illabo Motorsport logos. 

13.3.2019.....Speedwaypics - NOW a page 2 of my Speedway DVDs. New DVDs available.

14.3.2019.....Speedwaypics - 3 new PHOTO DVDs now on Page 2 - Steve Kinser - Fender Benders & Super Sedans.

18.3.2019.....VintageSpeedway & Vintage World - Home Pages - A link to photos from the March Illabo Bike & Car meeting.

31.3.2019.....Speedwaypics Page 2 -Two new DVDs -The History of Australian Speedway Over the Decades & Molly's Collection - UK Riders. 

31.3.2019.... Speedway Royale - A 1925 photo from the Royal - not Speedway but interesting - bottom of Home Page.

4.4.2019......Speedwaypics - Page 2 - Two new DVDs - BC Motorsports Car & Drivers & Top Sprintcar Pics # 6. 

30.4.2019....VintageSpeedway - Link to the old Kilburn Speedway S.A. now on Home Page.

8.5.2019......VintageSpeedway - Some Speedway bike bits WANTED  on For Sale & Wanted page - can you help ?

8.6.2019......Speedwaypics - Brian Darby Photos - a DVD of a top 270 collection of photos shot by me over the years
                    Bikes - Cars - People - Places - Modern & Vintage - lots of different venues - go to Speedwaypics page 2
Updated - 13.6.2019