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South Australian Grazier and Speedway Promoter of Rowley Park Speedway in S.A.
Kym Bonython in his A Model Ford # SA11 at Cumberland Oval Parramatta.
Len Brock in the Dark V Twin # 4.
Len and # 4 goes through 'The Ring of Fire' at a Krazy Night at Parramatta Speedway circa 1952-53
Kev Bennett in one of the many Ron Ward # 3 V Twins at Cumberland.1953-54.
The sashes read ' Australian Speedcar Championship' Parramatta Speedway 1953 - 54.
L to R: Len Brock (2nd place) Maisie Richardson - Norm Jackson (1st ) - Mrs. Payne(Sel Payne's Mother)
and Jim Olling (3rd)
Lindsay Olling.
Norm Jackson - Norm lost his life at Westmead Speedway on 6th.July 1958.
Lindsay Olling clashes with Terry Weinert in # 28 - Windsor RSL Speedway -1958.
'Lucky' Peter Spalding. Peter was not so lucky on 27th. December 1953, he lost his life in a Speedcar accident at Katoomba Speedway NSW.
Merv Ward takes a tumble at Windsor RSL Speedway - 1956
Neil Hair in the # 5 V Twin midget. Neil was one of only three competitors to lose their lives at Cumberland Oval Speedway - Parramatta. His death was on 3.1.1953
Nev Doherty in a Ron Ward V Twin # 3.
Tom Bradshaw in # 13 tangles with Lindsay Olling in # 42 at Cumberland.
A staged publicity shot at the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway - early 1950s.
#20 Sel Payne - # 28 Jack Brabham - # 17 Bob Playfair.