This page contains some of the advertisements, results and writings used to promote the Sydney Sportsground Speedway, after it opened in October 1937 as a dirt track Speedway.( Early Motorcycles had been previously run there on a concrete track).
The race in which young solo rider Bob Hibbert lost his life, recorded on the programme on the night of 10/5/46.
The newspaper cutting relating to the death of midget driver Jack Daly. A lot of people assumed he was an American.
A lap speed table for the Sydney Sportsground track.
( in 1937)
I've just tried to ring up and buy 2 of each but I can't get onto the number.!
Accident was on 5/1/1946.
NOTE!. The driver of the white car is wearing a white businesss shirt and a tie !.
The scoresheet of the 1938 NSW Solo Title, won by "Bluey" Wilkinson of Bathurst. "Bluey" had just won the 1938 World Solo Championship at Wembley as well.
The starters in the 1949-50 4 lap Australian Sidecar Title on the 17/4/50 at the Sportsground. Won By Jack Carruthers. Also the mention of the Fund to raise money for the families of solo riders Ray Duggan and Norm Clay. Ray and Norm lost their lives at the Sportsground in a dual fatality accident on 20/1/1950.