10.4.10.  Over the past decade we of the Australian Vintage Speedway movement have erected or laid remembrance plaques at several of the old Speedway sites in Australia,
to celebrate the great days of Speedway and to also honour those riders and drivers  who lost their lives at the venue whilst competing in the sport.
We started, in NSW in 2000, with probably the most famous Speedway venue in Australia - The Sydney Showground - The Royale - at Moore Park in Sydney.
Speedway ran at this venue from 1926 to 1996. Prior to the first Sydney plaque, a plaque 
had been laid at the site of the Rowley Park Speedway in South Australia in 1991. 
10.11.2000 - The late Jim Shepherd, Publisher, Sports Historian, Speedway Commentator, then Patron of the Veteran Speedway Riders Association of Australia, shown here with the two plaques laid on a brick wall in front of the old Suttor Stand at what was the Royale, now Fox Studios in Sydney. The bronze plaque on the left I had cast and I organised the Dedication day, on behalf of the Australian & NSW Vintage Clubs, to commemorate the venue and all the riders and drivers who lost their lives at the track, 28 in all. The coloured plaque on the right was initialised by Fox Studios and several people to recognise the grounds had been used for Speedway. The outline of the old dirt track is still present, although in a concrete and pebblecrete form.
also see website: www.speedwayroyale.homestead.com 

On July 28 of 2002, Graham Clayton, a Windsor resident and a member of the Windsor (NSW) Historical Society, took it upon himself, with the cooperation of members of the Australian Vintage Speedway movement, to have a remembarnce plaque erected on the site where the Windsor RSL Speedway once operated, in Windsor NSW, off Argyle St., overlooked by the Windsor RSL Club.
Also see webpage: http://www.vintagespeedway.com/Windsor.html
On September 7th. 2002, the members of the Vintage Speedcar Associaton of Queensland, saw fit to honour the competitors and erect a plaque on the site of the Exhibiiton Grounds Speedway, Brisbane, Queensland. Speedway ran at the venue from 1926.  It never really had a recognised final meeting.
also see webpage:http://www.vintagespeedway.com/Ekka.html
May 18th. 2003 I organised and had cast this plaque on behalf of the members of the Veteran Speedway Riders Associaton of Australia and the Vintage Speedcar Associaton (NSW) Inc. and the plaque was laid on a wall of the original old grandstand at the very historic, in Australian and World Speedway history,
Maitland Showgrounds. 
Also see webpage: http://www.vintagespeedway.com/Maitland.html
The plaque in South Australia on the old Rowley Park Speedway site. 9 riders and drivers lost their lives there, including International Solo rider Gerald Hussey, during it's 30 years of operation - 1949 to 1979.
Also see webpage:http://www.vintagespeedway.com/Rowley.html
31.08.03 a plaque is placed at the Claremont Showgrounds - Perth - Western Australia by the Veteran Speedway Riders Association of Australia.

Chum Taylor, top W.A. International Solo rider is shown here by the plaque in 2003.

( I actually commissioned the plaque on behalf of the VSRA in 2003, (text on plaque by the late Jim Shepherd) took photos of it but can't find them. If anyone in W.A. has a good photo of just the plaque could you email it to me on bdarby@bigpond.com  please for this webpage..Brian )
19.06.04 - Aussie Football Stadium - Moore Park - Sydney, now stands on the site of the old Sydney Sports Ground Speedway. I commissioned the casting of the plaque and organised the dedication day on behalf of the Veteran Speedway Riders Association of Australia & the Vintage Speedcar Association (NSW) Inc, and at this date we placed a plaque on the site to remember the riders and drivers who competed there and those who lost their lives on that track. Aslo see webpage : http://www.vintagespeedway.com/Sportsground.html
The members of the VC&VSC ( Vintage & Classic Speedway Club in Victoria) mounted this plaque on the wall of the original old grandstand at the site of the old Tracey's Speedway in Maribyrnong- a suburb of Melbourne. 
also see webpage:http://www.vintagespeedway.com/vicprogs.html
17.03.07 - The Randwick City Council sponsor and mount a plaque commemorating the old Olympia Motor Speedway ( Maroubra Speedway) at Coral Sea Park - Maroubra.
also see webpage : http://www.vintagespeedway.com/Maroubra.html 
Dec 2012 The Wentworth Speedway plaque mounted on the LH pillar of the front gates of the park.
The Wentworth Speedway plaque.
I organised the casting of the Wentworth Speedway Remembrance plaque and the dedication day at Wentworth Park and it was was unveiled at Wentworth Park - Sydney on 21st. October 2012 by Susan Cleary (Chair of Wentworth Park Trust) and Peter Mann (C.E.O. Of Wentworth Park .)
2013 - Tony Webb of Queensland organised a Speedway Remembrance plaque at the old Davies Park Speedway site - Qld. ....Photo by Paul Spencer.
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The two Claremont plaque photos sent along by Ken Brown of W. A . Thanks Ken
Unfortunatley there were errors 
on both Fox Studios plaques.
On the bronze plaque dedicated by the Vintage Speedway clubs and after consultation with all known Speedway historians three riders were left off the plaque .

Only the late Barry Forsyth in Qld, 
a master researcher, came to light with the three names well after the plaque had been laid.

The Solo riders were
 Stanley Tyler 13.11.1926
 Keith Mackay 22.12.1928
Stuart Cobcroft 6.10.1930

Sincere apologies to the relatives and friends of these three riders.

On the Fox Studios plaque with graphics, an error was made on the date of the final meeting in 1996. 
The plaque reads 
April 24th 1996 when the correct date is April 27th 1996.