Ken Dart, a midget driver at Rowley Park, South Australia in the 1960s has shared some of his memories with us on ' Vintagespeedway " ...Thanks Ken.
Ken's visitors.
Ken Dart in #15 runs outside Bob Tattersall in # 55 at Rowley Park. 
Ken dart in # 15 and Sydney's Lew Marshall in the Wells # 54 at Rowley Park.
Ken Dart and Kym Bonython.
Ken Dart and his Holden # SA15 at Rowley Park, South Australia - 1961-62 season.
Rocky Wright in SA97.
Ken has titled these " Parade "
Murray # 82 and Garry # 83 Hoffman -1962-62.
Graham Driscoll in  runs outside Rocky Wright.1966- 67.
Ron Burns leads Graham Driscoll # 17.
A 1970s Rowley Park decal.
Thanks Ken for these memories.