This page represents a service to those GENUINE  PRIVATE enthusiasts wanting to buy or sell a Speedway machine or that special part for a Speedway restoration. It is imperative that all parts etc. are genuine, available and are not mis-represented in any way. I will not be responsible for any transactions, as that will be strictly between the buyer and the vendor. 
All contact numbers must be supplied. . 
( ie. Phone and e mail.)  I reserve the right to publish or reject your submissions........................Brian Darby
As with any service of this nature you must advise me when your part / parts  is / are: no longer wanted, sold or no longer available. If this service is abused in any way it will be discontinued without notice. 
I would hope that this service is used in the manner and for the reasons that it is presented. 

For sales or purchases please contact the Vendor or                               Enquirer ONLY not me.
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This service is open to ( Small ads for ) Speedway Bikes - Cars - parts and accessories
of any year or style..
To place an add please email me.
A $10 fee is applicable for all private ads from July 1 2019.
( Ad to run for 12 months)

only jpeg photos as an attachment please,
not as part of a Word document.


 No professional restorers or people buying and selling cars etc..

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot place adds or photos yourself - Email me text and photo after payment for ad..

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This service is NOT for people importing cars and buying and selling cars, bikes or parts.
Commercial ads : Starting from $ 100 per year.( to run for 12 months.) 
Want to buy any Speedway photos- magazines, programmes ?
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All new small private For Sale & Wanted ads for enthusiasts will attract a $10 fee( ad to run for 12 months ) as from 1.7.2019. I had supplied this as a free service for 19 years but now due to increased website fees a fee will have to be charged. Pay Pal is available for ad payments.
Like to re visit those Speedway memories of yesteryear ?
 Click on my Speedwaypics heading to view the range of 
Video & Photos DVDs I have created over the years.
Cloth Badges For Sale 
10.5 cm x 9 cm - $ 25 - Post Free.
8 cm x 6.5 cm - $ 20 - Post Free.
6.5 cm x 9 cm - $ 25 - Post Free.
8.5 cm x 7 cm - $ 25 - Post Free.
Pay Pal available for purchases. 
Brian at
 Mob 0419 976 557
Finned alloy rear brake drums - $ 150 ea. - 4 available.
Disc brake caliper housings - need machining
 2 only -  $ 50 ea.
From the late David Johnsen Collection - FOR SALE .
Classic Speed Car WA 4
Registered with the VSA of NSW
Built in WA for the 1970 season. It is a copy Edmonds chassis with Lehane running gears and B20 Volvo engine.
Comes with spares and trailer. Located in Carlingford Sydney NSW.
$15,500 Au.
Enquires - Graeme 0408 609 338  
( a paid ad - 27.03.22)

Click here to view.
To purchase - Jeff Stevenson on Mob 0409 588 427
 Walt Reiff built roadster – white # 18 from Sacramento has new 153cu in Chevy 2 – one of only 2 built in the late 50’s and has had a long racing career with many top drivers having competed or owned the car. $15K .
 contact: Gary Peers  Mob # 0408 977 257
( A Paid ad - 28.11.21)

Walt Land Chevy 2 roadster – black # 26 (replica) has 155cu in Chevy 2 – this is an exact replica of the original car and is a fun car to drive. All body moulds and what spares that I have for the car are included in the sale, a one off car. $20K contact: Gary Peers Mob # 0408 977 257
( A Paid ad - 28.11.21 )

Speedcar Parts For Sale

7/8” Torsion bar bushes in bronze 8 off - $40:00
Halibrand Knock On – 21/8” left hand – 1 only $30:00
Airheart Single spot caliper bracket – 1 only $20:00
Steel radiator 450x350x60mm - $50:00
Alloy radiator 510x300x50mm - $50:00
Alloy Fuel tank 20lt (new – 310x310x210mm) - $50:00
40” front axle & tie rod $65:00
13x7” steel wheels – 6 pin – 2off $25:00@
1 stub axle steering arm for $25:00
3 x chrome moly radius rods 33.75”, 31.5” & 29.5” – ½” thread $30:00
Front radius rods alloy 3 x 17”, 1 x 21.75´- 5/8” thread $40:00
Brake disc 11” od – 6.5” id – 16 mounting holes $20:00
Brake disc 10.5” od – carrier 2.5” id $30:00
VW (LTC Style) midget bonnets 2off - $125:00 @
FBI tank shell $150:00
Bird cage r/h unknown brand $20
5 Bar rocker adjuster 1” spline $20:00
SPIKE panard clamp 1 1/16” $20:00
Wilwood Caliper (DK 120 5082) with pads $70:00
Chevy 2 second hand conrods $20 
Chevy 2 – mercruiser head needs recond $50
Checy 2 engine tin ware and pulleys@
Falcon second hand conrods $20 @
Contact   Gary Peers   Mob # 0408 977 257
( A Paid ad - 28.11.21)

For Sale:
Graham Gallagher’s “ HONKER II.” USA # 3
By Jack Stroud.
 USAC Champion 1969. Driven by Bob Tattersall
Edmonds No. XLM048. space frame cross spring front, cross torsion rear.
Only one of two of this type.
Original museum condition “Bill Jones”110 Offy Engine No. 390.
Full restoration 2002. 
VSA of NSW Vintage Speedcar Award 2002.
All original brand & type equipment.
Full history available.
Mint Condition. Ready to go 
Au. $65,000.
Mob. 0417 250 672.   email
( A paid ad 3.12.21)

  Morton and May Vagabond N.S.W. 23 Speedcar
  Also known as "Shell Firestone Special"
  Originally built by Ron Ward in1960/61
  6 Cylinder Vauxhall Vagabond Engine with McGee Fuel Injection
  Also includes: Billycart and numerious Spares

  Contact: John Green POA
  Phone: (02) 9547-0734
(A paid ad 20.12.21 )

Schroeder L.H. Midget Steering Box
Halibrand H-201 Quick change
1" or 1 3/8" quick change gear sets particularly Set No1 

Please Contact: Graeme Louk  0451 512 823 Leura NSW
( A paid ad - 5/2/22)

A paid ad - 20.3.22

JAP 8-80 Sidecar 
Built in 1949 by Alan Trounson. 
Raced Kurjon Melbourne, 
1949 off gate by Easter, 1950 was on 60 yds
Parts and assistance from Keith Ratten
Engine block blew up early 1950’s which resulted in patterns
 made by John Wentworth for a new improved crankcase,
 which is still in the bike.
Won Victorian title 1953-54
Sold to Herb Dirken in S.A. who had Mal West ride 
at the S.A. titles 1958-60
It is as it left the track in 1960 apart from 
engine rebuild by Greg Sommerton.
Price $45,000
Ph 0424 745 458
( A paid ad - 31.3.22)

New Stock Car book from the UK. ---- The Stock Car Ghosts.
All proceeds from the book sales go The Rowans Hospice who care for patients, and their families, 
who have a life limiting illness.
The Stock Car Ghosts is available from at $15.99.
( A paid ad - 3.4.22)
 An Offy block - same vintage as this .
 More details to follow.
Mob. 0418 789 316
My entire collection of hard copy Speedway photos. 
Australian and International.  Collected over 70 years. Bikes & Cars.
Roller boxes full - all in albums and sleeves - 6 x 4 - 5 x 7 - 10 x 8 - 
12 x 10 - A 4 sizes - I will split - cars or bikes if required - with a bonus of 10 of my Speedway DVDs 
( your choice - see list below of DVDs on my website Speedwaypics)    Brian on 0419 976 557  or

I have a service available of A4 Scans of rare Speedway programmes. Full A4 programme scans are $15 each +P&P. One for the Historians and serious Speedway fans. Please get in touch -  I may have what you need.

Brian 0n 0419 976 557
to view venues available
log onto my website
 My latest PHOTO DVD - Early Aussie Speedcar Racing with Scans of Covers Of Rare Speedway Programmes - over 400 images with photo captions & music - some car history where known - runs for 56 minutes. 
$ 40 + P&P- Pay Pal available for purchases
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