I've taken many hundreds of different photos ( and had some taken of me ) so I thought I'd have some fun with some captions . It is only for laughs - not to be taken seriously.  No offence meant to any subjects.
These pics ( this page) by John Stanley ...thanks Stan.
No !  I'll tell you again !! - they all go LEFT !
They're called 'Midgets' - so I'll have to get down lower !
Have a go at it ! I'm not coming back here again !!
I can definitely feel a draught coming from somewhere !!
Now don't get upset ! - the other boys didn't mean to make your car dirty !!
All the way across the Hay Plains this bloody midget was right on my hammer !!
The Dymo label says it all !
I thought I could hear a slight knocking in the driveline !
Darn it ! he's caught us Nev !!
This is my car Gordon ! yours is over there!
(Cyril in the background )
Geez ! I've caught my finger under the bonnet !!
Harry - as I'm the VSA Clerk of the Course today - you have just qualified 
for Pole Position for all your runs today !!